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The decision to open your own store on KRAKEN must be balanced, you must understand that this is a prohibited activity and be as careful and protected as possible. It is impossible for someone to find out what you are doing both online and offline. If you decide, then you should know exactly how the process of opening an online store on vk01.io

Step-by-step information on how to open your own shop on the kraken darknet marketplace

The first thing you will need to do is to create a new personal account. Perhaps you already registered on KRAKEN and bought something, such an account is not suitable for a store, you need an absolutely clean one without a history of purchases and completed transactions. Further, when you have registered, you will need to go to your personal account and open a ticket with the platform administration. To submit an application, you must indicate in the title - I want to open an online store on v2tor.io, and in the description of the application, enter the future name of the store, assortment, describe what and how you plan to sell. Next, we send an application and wait for a response, usually this is a quick process and soon your store will be approved. After that, the functionality of the store will be available to you, namely, you will be able to add products, view transaction statistics, correspond with the buyer, as well as add managers and employees.